Welcome to the Home of Circus Minimus

Giving communities a chance to join the circus, discover their gifts, and still be home for dinner!

Kevin O’Keefe discovered Circus Minimus in 1985 when he found a small suitcase outside his apartment in NYC and filled it with everything he would need to perform his One-Man Circus in-a-Suitcase around the world. Since then Circus Minimus has expanded to include five programs that have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of families. The Circus Kids Create is an artist-in-residence program that creates a community-based circus in two weeks. The One-Man Circus in-a-Suitcase continues to perform in schools, theaters, and community centers around the world. During the school year Circus Minimus collaborates with schools for a variety of In-School Integrated Curriculums that let students join the circus without having to leave school. These include Circus Around the World, Time Machine Circus, CircusYoga and The Human Body, CircusYoga and Life Sciences. The Circus Minimus Afterschool Program employs teaching artists in seven different subjects in ten NYC schools. In 1998, with his wife Erin Maile, Kevin co-founded the practice and community of CircusYoga.

The Circus Kids Create--Mardi Gras KevinTraditionally, the circus has been a place of inclusion where no matter how weird or unique your talent there was a place for you. Like the traditional circus, Circus Minimus has a place for everyone. I have dedicated my life to the study of circus and the practice of teaching. I consider circus a sacred circle where ordinary people do extraordinary things. The circus is where magic resides, and dreams still can come true, through practice, joy, connection, and courage. Join me on your own journey of adventure and discovery.

Circus Minimus… for each kid a moment in the sun!