Time Machine Circus

The Time Machine Circus is an interdisciplinary curricular experience for elementary school children Grades 2-6. Classes choose one decade in American history and one circus art (i.e. tumbling, juggling, clowning, partner acrobatics, balancing, etc.). The students investigate history for broad social trends and historical facts and then create an entire circus that integrates their knowledge and research. The learning spans the entire curriculum as we study culture, history, and geography in social studies. There are math problems to be solved that include sequencing, spatial relations and timing. The Circus Minimus library is available on a lending basis and the students can study circus literature and videotapes from around the world. There are collaborative art projects and mask making in fine arts. Music from those decades are learned and incorporated into the show. The residency ends with a final performance that is joyous and collaborative. The Time Machine Circus makes their study, relevant, tangible and exciting.

Time Machine Circus

“All I am hearing is praise for you and the show.  Parents coming up to me and saying “We NEED to get this again next year!”  Thank you again for dedication and hard work to help make our children SHINE !” Brandy Johnson, PTA, Riverview School, Denville, NJ

“As the ringmaster, Kevin O’Keefe helps the students tap their undiscovered talents, but he also encourages a cultural curiosity. It’s been an unforgettable experience.”

Kathleen Bishop, 5th Grade teacher, Riverview School, Denville, NJ

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