The Circus Around the World

March 15-27, 2018
Hewlett/Woodmere, NY
with ringmaster WT McRae

The Circus Around the World provides the ultimate project-based learning experience for elementary school children.  Each class chooses one country and one circus art (i.e. tumbling, juggling, clowning, partner acrobatics, or balance). Students investigate the culture, history, cuisine, language, and geography of the countries. The learning spans the entire curriculum including math problems focusing on sequencing, spatial relations and timing. A collaborative approach is used that incorporates music, mask-making and art projects. The theme is extends into all the curricular activities of the day and is reflected back into the upcoming circus show. The residency ends with a final performance that is exuberantly joyous and does what all learning should do: give students a context and structure for their study.  The Circus Around the World makes their studies relevant, tangible and exciting.


“The Circus Around the World program was another success story this year! You continue to amaze me with putting all the details together to present a quality program in our school. I know the students will always remember their studies of the country and the circus skills they presented in the program for years to come. Please accept my thanks and that of the entire second grade and staff for your outstanding Artist in Residency Program.”  Carol Schwalje, Principal, Barclay Brook, Monroe, NJ A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

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