Recently, the CM Afterschool Program finished its 18th year of service to NYC schools. It all started with one circus class at the Little Red Schoolhouse in NYC’s Greenwhich Village in 1986. Word quickly spread and before long there was more call for programs then there were days in the week. We decided to share teaching techniques and practices with the newer teachers who we then employed. We built a solid reputation in the schools until we now serve twelve different schools in seven different subjects. Our afterschool programs were profiled in the The New Yorker Magazine.

“Tapping into the imaginative powers of children while also giving them solid circus skills.” –Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker Magazine

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am this year with the teachers that are working for Circus Minimus.  Jenny has always been great, but we are thrilled to have Amber.  The work that the students are doing in Gymnastics and Tumbling is far beyond anything they have done in the past and her management skills are impeccable.” –Deborah Osborne, director, PS 11 Programs, New York, NY

The Circus Kids Create

This is the chance to runaway and join the circus and still be home for dinner.  Safe and expert instruction includes: clowning, juggling, tumbling, diabolo, devil sticks, partner acrobatics, plate spinning, make-up, human pyramids and much more.  A collaborative approach is used that stresses teamwork and creativity. The class culminates in a unique and joyous show for families and friends!  Ages 6+

Wizardry 101

A crash course in unleashing the imagination! Through storytelling and adventure theater we will create our very own world of Wizardry with infinite magical possibility. We’ll invent mythical creatures, concoct potions, cast spells, and make magical props that allow a new world to come alive before your eyes. Through theater exercises and serious play, children will develop their own cast of characters and fantasy setting to explore the storyteller, performer and wizard within. Ages 6+


CircusYoga is an imaginative, fun-filled and safe practice designed to strengthen self- confidence, focus, trust and teamwork. The class includes: Hatha yoga poses taught through a unique story structure that the students lend a hand in creating. Partner yoga which teaches children how to take care of their bodies and work with a buddy. Clowning, juggling and basic partner acrobatics to add that circus pizazz! The final CircusYoga class is an open presentation for the whole school community.  Ages 6+

Comedy and Improvisation

What makes something funny? Children will answer this question and find out how funny they are. Theater games and structured improvisation will be employed in a collaborative approach that focuses on spontaneity, trust, teamwork, creative risk taking, and cooperation. This curriculum has been developed with the assistance of members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Chicago City Limits and Second City Improv troupes. We will develop characters and construct scenes into a final presentation for friends and families.  Ages 6+

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is now not only an Olympic Sport but a fun high-energy recreational activity. With the new Rhythmic Gymnastics program at Circus Minimus,  kids will use their own creativity and learn how to express themselves with graceful and fluid movement, improve strength and flexibility, and greatly enhance hand-eye coordination with the use of apparatuses such as ribbon, hoop, ball, rope, and clubs.  So join us this fall for this thrilling and innovative program!  Ages 6+

Creating Theater

This class will introduce students to playmaking and performance from their original ideas. We will start with readings, games and improvisation in order to build a vocabulary of ideas and movements. Students can expect to understand character, impulse, conflict, and dramatic situations. We will create an original performance for an invited audience of friends and families at the end of the semester.  Ages 6+

The Magic Forest

The Magic Forest focuses on the unique imagination inherent each child. In a fun and safe setting children create their own world of imaginary creatures and mythical landscapes. Drawing upon tales of wizards, fairies, gnomes, unicorns, and dragons we will create our own magical story.  With a touch of theatre, a touch of art and lots of imaginative storytelling children refine such basic skills as telling a story, listening, group problem solving and collaboration.  Ages 6+

Tumbling 101

Tumbling 101 is an introductory class emphasizing good technique and body alignment. We will focus on skill building in acrobatics, group tumbling routines, and pyramid building. Kids will also build their very own tumbling obstacle course. The semester will end with The Big Tumbling Show. Ages 6+

Theatre Dance

This is the chance for your child to star on Broadway! Classes will begin with a stretch warm up followed by “across the floor” movements. All classes finish with a short dance number set to various Broadway tunes. Children will present a musical dance medley as their final presentation for families & friends.  Ages 7+