CircusYoga is an invitation into a co-authored practice of discovery. Artfully designed to engage all ages, CircusYoga blends the consciousness of yoga with the communal celebration of circus. CircusYoga fosters connection, play and communication through:

  • Community & Mandala Yoga
  • Partner Yoga, Acrobatics & Flying
  • Group Games & Invention
  • Circus Skills: Juggling, Diabolo, Flower Sticks and more
  • Clowning & Physical Comedy
  • Balance in poses, on a Pipe and on a Tight Wire
  • Creative Movement & Dance
  • Thai Yoga Massage

Join us for a family retreat at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA, every Easter, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July holidays. Look at our schedule for other dates and venues.

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“CircusYoga changed my life! It renewed my desire to be creative and play with my kid.” —Bert Bland, parent, Ithaca, NY

“The CircusYoga program inspired me to find a yoga class in my hometown where my kids and I can do yoga together every week.” —Wendy Rickard, parent, Princeton, NJ

“I learned a lot of FUN yoga!” —Naima (age 9)

“I truly believe it was one of the most meaningful, valuable experiences I’ve had with my daughter.” —Brette Logan, parent, New Haven, CT

“It was a thrill a minute as the captivating blend of yoga, dance, discovery, imagination and circus skill unfolded before us!” —Pam

Gaither, yoga teacher, Boston, MA

“It was really, really, really wonderful. The playfulness and light-heartedness, combined with the deep connection that you and Kevin fostered so powerfully (and in such a skillful way) was so very effective in creating a safe, yet energetic and fun space for us all to play and work.” —Joanne Myrup, yoga teacher, Taos, NM

CircusYoga Teacher Trainings

What is CircusYoga?
CircusYoga combines the consciousness of yoga with the communal ceremony of circus for a deeply transformative experience.  In CircusYoga, we foster a spirit of play and provide a level playing field for people of all ages and abilities.  CircusYoga strengthens self-confidence, focus, trust, expression, and teamwork. Developed out of our work with families and kids, CircusYoga offers a safe, supportive environment for transformation within groups of all ages.  CircusYoga celebrates the whole community, the whole family, the whole person. Most of all, CircusYoga models the principles of inclusion, partnering, and community cooperation, embracing each individual’s gifts in our circle. CircusYoga says “yes” to life.

Who is the CircusYoga Teacher Training for?
Anyone who works with groups of people to facilitate learning or healing can benefit from this training:  yoga instructors, classroom teachers, circus educators, social workers, family counselors, occupational therapists, group facilitators, recreation directors, parents and any yoga practitioner who wants to work with kids and adults. We recommend that applicants have at least one year of yoga practice; however, no circus experience is necessary.

What will I learn?
We will learn techniques that support parents and kids, and other groups, as collaborators and life-long learners. Opening new realms of vocabulary for play and communication, we will explore:

  • Creation of an environment where every student can be seen and celebrated
  • Group dynamics in Hatha yoga and story creation
  • Kinesthetic communication through partner acrobatics and partner yoga
  • Integration across the mid-line with juggling and balancing
  • The spirit of play in clowning and physical comedy
  • Balance on a tightwire and in asanas
  • Nurturance in Thai massage
  • Self-expression through creative movement and dance
  • Cultivation of your authentic teaching voice

We will also provide an opportunity for trainees to assist in creating a CircusYoga experience for others at a public CircusYoga Family Workshop during the training—a powerful and transformative experience.