The Circus Kids Create

July 18-29
New England Youth Theater
Brattleboro, VT
led by Ringmaster Kevin O’Keefe, Amaya Alvarado and friends

The theme this year is Superheroes. Don your cape, and join us!

Since 1991, thousands of kids have run away to join the circus making The Circus Kids Create our most popular  program under the Circus Minimus tent. In this artist-in-residence program a circus professional collaborates with 30-500 students, teachers, parents and artists to create a community-based circus in 2 weeks. The Circus Kids Create is usually sponsored by local non-profit organizations such as schools, museums, theaters or community centers. The residency culminates with a Big Show. We have trained and maintain a core of Ringmasters who are dedicated educators and circus artists. We go anywhere on this earth and work cooperatively with any group. A dvd is available so that you can see these kids in action. Circus Minimus–for each child, “a moment in the sun.”

“The entire process as well as the show was a delight. We watched the miracle occur from the rough run through in the afternoon to the final performance full of accomplishment and joy.” –Hyla Crane, Director of Education, Stepping Stones Museum, Norwalk, CT

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